Sarah' Run For Cancer Research

8 Oct 2023

Sarah Gibson the Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for the Chippenham constituency, has succeeded in running 60 miles in support of Cancer Research during September and raised £440 in donations.

Sarah says “Cancer research is hugely important in saving lives. It is too late for my family where my father died of cancer aged only 43. The challenge was especially poignant to Sarah as she completed the run on his birthday.

Sarah admitted to not being a natural runner. “Two miles a day over 30 days didn’t sound so difficult! It turned out to be considerably more challenging than I had imagined and when I came down with COVID half way through having only managed to run 25 of the 60 miles, I really didn't think I’d make it. However, with the support from the donations and knowing that raising awareness for Cancer Research is important helped me complete the challenge.

Far too many people are still waiting far too long for a diagnosis, or to start treatment after being diagnosed. We must do right by them and get them the care they need when they need it. The latest NHS figures show that, in the last year, 502 cancer patients in RUH Bath area waited more than 62 days to start treatment after being referred.” Liberal Democrat Leader Ed Davey using his Autumn Conference speech to set out proposals to invest an extra £4 billion in NHS cancer treatment over the next five years.”

“I am delighted to have achieved my goal of 60 miles in September and intend to continue to raise awareness of the importance of Cancer Research in saving lives.

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