Kathryn MacDermid, Town and Wiltshire Councillor, Chippenham Hardenhuish

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Kathryn works for Virgin care, who provide services for the NHS as an adminstrator, which is located in the area of Hardenhuish., I am also studying an Open University degree in Business Management and Marketing. In my spare time I like to go on walk and runs. I am living in Chippenham and I enjoy spending time in the town and discovering what is going on in the town. I particularly enjoy the parks and green areas such as the canal walk.

I would like to get involved in different aspects of the town, I also enjoy talking to the public and I want to do good for our community, I feel it's important to listen to people, as I do this as a job, I feel it would be a very beneficial aspect to have more young town councillor in the town, I feel I can bring good background skills and also work with the current councillors to make improvements of which transport and activities for young people will be my focus.