Clare Cape, Town and Wiltshire Councillor, Chippenham Pewsham

Tel: 07766 026595

Chippenham Town Council

Ward: Pewsham

Wiltshire Council

Division: Chippenham Pewsham


Amenities, Culture and Leisure Committee
Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group
Planning, Environment and Transport Committee (vice Chair)

Climate and Ecological Emergency Advisory Group

Terms of office

Since May 2017


Chippenham and Villages Area Board
Corporate Parenting Panel (Substitute)
Health Select Committee
Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee (Substitute)
Strategic Planning Committee (Substitute)

Northern Area Planning Committee (Substitute)

Climate Emergency Task Group

Terms of Office

Since May 2017

Clare trained as a nurse and has held a wide range of healthcare related roles at local, regional and national level. Currently working at NHS England, Clare's focus is on understanding and measuring the value of improving patient and staff experience and productivity through effective use of information technology.

Locally Clare has been an active member of the Save Chippenham campaign; regularly probing and challenging the Wiltshire Council administration to reduce plans for unneeded sprawl across our countryside and concentrate on meeting local identified need for affordable homes primarily on brownfield sites.

As Chair of the Liberal Democrat Friends of Palestine, Clare regularly travels to the West Bank and works to raise awareness and knowledge of the situation there, driving Lib Dem policy and contributing to a cross party group.

Clare is the Wiltshire and Swindon representative on the Liberal Democrats Western Counties region and a regional member of the English Council.